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Blended Learning ... is it just a myth?

Blended Learning must be one of the most common phrases used within the training world, and one of the least applied. To a large extent it is aspirational, and if used generally means providing some classroom training then offering supporting e_learning through a tool provided and installed with generic content.

But most L&D professionals agree that blended learning should be blended according to the objectives of the training assignment. We tailor classroom content to suit the audience, we learned long ago that putting mass populations through the same content was an expensive way of achieving very little. The challenge now is to tailor the self study element as well as the classroom events with subject experts, so that recipients receive training that is specifically focussed and run by industry experts with appropriate experience.

At Goodfoot we are developing such an approach. The non-classroom content will comprise pre-course work and assessment, training content, and post-course work and assessment. That and the classroom content edited constructed around the specific objectives for the group. Truly blended for focused results.

We would love your comments on what comprises a true blended learning solution. Contact us with your ideas, or just ask us for more information.

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