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Can we measure staff performance?

I used to work with a guy (Miles – not his real name) who was very process-orientated. And that’s putting it lightly.  Miles wasn’t just on the spectrum, he was it.  In likes, taste, attitude to life and just about any other measure, we were diametrically opposed.

 Here are some of the areas where we clashed: 
  •  His obsessional attention to detail
  • My loose approach to keeping records
  • His desire to correct things to the Nth degree (though he would not have been as vague as to say ‘Nth’) 
  •  My moveable deadlines

 So, Miles’s fastidiousness drove me up the wall, just as I annoyed him hugely with my easy-going approach to detail.  (And ironically, with hindsight, Miles was in the right mostly, but there’s no danger I would ever tell him that.)

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