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Delivering fantastic negotiations

“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing”. Carrie Fisher.

The hardest thing about negotiation, in my personal opinion, is maintaining the ongoing discipline of imagining how the other side sees things.

Honesty called for here. How many times have you ended up in an argument or dispute only to later find that the other side really did have a good point? Maybe you couldn’t process this at the time because you were against the clock, because it was poorly explained, or because you just didn’t like each other. Whatever the reason, a deal was not done when it could have been. Like you, I have been there many times regretting that more wasn’t done in the deal when it could have been. Richard Holbrooke records how WW1 started because of a botched negotiation. It needn’t have happened. Quite a sobering thought.

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Meetings improvement in a nutshell

To attend or to not attend!

If you have felt like you have spent half your life in meetings, you are not alone! According to Forbes 45.1 hours is the average amount of hours worked by office workers according to their recent 2017 study. It may also surprise you to hear that up to 50% of your time depending on your role can be spent in meetings!

Great meetings should be child's play! But how often do  we leave meetings feeling frustrated?

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Building great networking skills

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know”.

I first heard that phrase from my Nan. I had no idea what it meant as I was below 10 years old, and I don’t think she knew what she meant either. But it does roll sweetly off the tongue, doesn’t it?

I recently put a little mind experiment to a group of supervisors in the railway industry. Scenario 1, you know the client a little because he/she turns up on site once a month and asks how it's going. Scenario 2, you know the client well because he/she turns up weekly and you send a couple of your team to their office monthly and you also have around 3 phone conversations a week.

In both scenarios, your team makes a major mistake affects your track renewal schedule, and the rail is not ready for the next day’s commuter traffic. Would you rather be in Scenario1 when you have to explain this mistake or Scenario 2?

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