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Enabling others to deliver for us

You may have noticed over the years that the traditional ‘line management’ lines are blurring. Increasingly we report to several people, or at least deliver work to several places in our organisation. Often this can cause us prioritisation problems as several people demand our services. Perhaps a bigger problem though, is when we need others to do work for us. If people now deliver their output to several others, how can we ensure the work we ask for is prioritised and produced to standard?

Looking at organisational change over the past decade, I have noticed a transfer of power from those who allocate work to those who deliver it. The change from line management to matrix management structures means that the allocator of work has less institutional power. This causes he or she to often find themselves arguing with colleagues about how another person is to prioritise the work they are delivering; should it be the work I have allocated or the work my colleague has allocated?

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High impact team events for our organisations

We have all seen it many times. Everyone is present in body, but we haven’t necessarily got their full attention or commitment.

Running powerful team events can be a game changer for the business, and every manager aspires to hold team events which deliver committed and ongoing change. From a board strategy meeting right through to a local ideas group, the aspiration is always that everyone attending offers their full intellectual capability to help solve problems, identify opportunities, and build solutions.

But hand on heart how often does this happen? How often do we run high impact team events which deliver well, but not quite as well as they could? What is it that separates great team events from average ones?

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Control your nerves and maximise your stage presence

Big deal proposal, or first time giving the team brief?

Heart racing. Hands shaking. Beads of sweat upon your brow?

Many of us get extremely nervous prior to public speaking regardless of our status or the audience size.  If you aim to maximise your personal impact, nerves go with the territory. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, if you get nervous, it is simply because you care. That is a good thing.

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Fantastic negotiations means understanding 'mood'

“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing." Carrie Fisher.

The hardest thing about negotiation, in my personal opinion, is maintaining the ongoing discipline of imagining how the other side sees things.

Honesty called for here. How many times have you ended up in an argument or dispute only to later find that the other side really did have a good point? Maybe you couldn’t process this at the time because you were against the clock, because it was poorly explained, or because you just didn’t like each other. Whatever the reason, a deal was not done when it could have been. Like you, I have been there many times regretting that more wasn’t done in the deal when it could have been. Richard Holbrooke records how WW1 started because of a botched negotiation. It needn’t have happened. Quite a sobering thought.

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