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How to ensure a financial return from training

I'm sure you have heard of the saying 'If you carry on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting'.

Behind the scenes, L&D folk are masking the resistance, working miracles with slashed budgets and doing all they can to maximise training return, doing more and more internal delivery and covering the cracks of inconsistent internal messages from senior leaders delivered to the grass root business levels.

If there is a problem, L&D can fix it, if there's no budget, L&D will find a way to make it happen on a shoe string. Need a course delivered by yesterday - L&D will create something bespoke for you! If you are reading this thinking this sounds familiar you are not alone. Plenty of senior L&D folk are having to be more resourceful with budgets, and more creative with their delivery methods to keep everyone happy. How many people do you know would have their budgets cut, double their hours yet still be motivated and driven to get the best from their employees?!

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Giving Great Feedback

“People don’t leave their company, they leave their boss”.

The syndrome of leaving one’s boss to move to another job has been frequently discussed (see Harvard Business Review ). Many of course would argue that they leave because of pay and conditions, but of course even in that scenario a manager has some responsibility to address issues before the person leaves.

We are all aware that the biggest area of concern in staff surveys is “communication”. And that communication starts with the manager in the challenging arena of personal feedback.

Why is feedback so hard for many of us to give? After all, the cost of not giving feedback appropriately is people who leave their jobs because of the ‘poor manager’ syndrome, costing the company money and costing the manager huge amounts of time, effort and stress.

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Enabling people to deliver - delegation tips

"If you want something doing, do it yourself".

A comment my mother frequently used in the pandemonium of a growing family. With a chaotic household full of kids, as many of you know, the quandaries of parenting can get tiresome!

The workplace can often feel that way. “Why don’t they get it, do they need it explaining again? It’s quicker to do it myself.” So even when we are desperately trying to keep a more strategic view, we are getting drawn back into the detail. Alternatively, some resort to ‘Teflon’ delegation, by issuing instructions, departing the scene and then laying blame when things don’t work out. But there is a middle road of course, and that is  effectively delegating to others. It's a 'no brainer' right? But it's not easy to  do and get right.

In my early days of delegating to others I thought delegating was an act of allocating tasks. Eventually I have learned it is a process of allocating decisions. This blog gives some quick thoughts as to how we can manage that process.

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Your Personal Impact at Work

In presentations, meetings and conversations we are given many opportunities to move others in the right direction. We often know the direction that should be taken, we have done our research, we have the facts. We are ready to move others. But have you ever hit a block at this stage?


I have, many times. Often our personal impact at work needs some enhancement. And usually like many, I am adept at blaming others’ lack of understanding of the situation. But after a breather, a cup of coffee and sometimes a beer or two, the truth dawns. “I need to be a little better at getting my case across.”

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