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Tips for great planning ... unintended consequences

The Majorcan Government recently legislated to reduce “unregulated” accommodation to support the regulated hoteliers. An unintended consequence of this has been restaurants & bars losing significant trade during this holiday season.

The Government now has to live with the unintended consequences of its policy including for example less tax revenues & more unemployment.

This had me thinking about the unintended consequences of significantly reducing Training spend during difficult trading times. 

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Getting great results

Developing and demonstrating talent is a key part of our individual happiness, and the workplace is of course the most common environment to focus on our key areas of talent. We expect to achieve results at work, and the ideal is when we can fully use talent to enable those results.

Often in the workplace we find ourselves doing things we are not particularly talented at, or perhaps don’t particularly like doing. Attending some of those meetings comes to mind as a common example! Or perhaps admin work, or performance management issues. The greatest buzz we can get is when our full talent is used, stress seems to be more invasive when we are doing activities we are not particularly suited to or enjoying.

Viktor Frankl was a concentration camp survivor who became a psychologist and wrote the astounding book "Man’s Search for Meaning". I would personally put this book as one of the ‘must reads’, Frankl’s observation was that with a sense of meaning we can endure anything, without it we are lost.

Using Frankl’s principle, I would suggest we need a sense of meaning to achieve great results at work. This is more than a sense of purpose (after all, a sense of purpose could simply be “work hard and get my work done on time!!). Meaning is a sense of purpose along with a satisfaction that we meet our own personal values.

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Make your voice work for you

I am in a restaurant in Russia. (OK, I’m not, but imagine I am.) I hear arguing from a couple on a table behind me. I don’t speak Russian. I can’t see them. So, how do I know they are arguing?

Pace, tone articulation. 

Sound advice
When we have a job interview or an important business meeting what do we plan? We plan what clothes will be suitable and we know that what we are wearing can affect how comfortable and confident we feel, and therefore appear to others. We think about body language and how to use this to appear a certain way. We prepare what we will say because we know that using the right vocabulary will communicate exactly what we wish to. But how many of us think about the way in which we will speak the words? Are we aware of what tone of voice to use? Do we know that we can consciously adapt our voice to communicate so much more than the meaning of the words? 

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Getting Returnship Right: Returnship Programmes

Returnship programmes set to increase within the UK…

‘Returnship’ programmes are set to rise further into 2019 with the government having already invested £5million into them in the 2017 budget, and further investment in 2018. Returnship programmes haven’t been around for very long, having been first introduced in the US by Goldman Sachs in 2008, the first UK schemes were only launched in 2014. 

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