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Create a healthy Corporate Culture

Can Lawyers Help Create a Healthy Corporate Culture?

Employment lawyers are often considered a distress purchase – to be instructed when things have gone terribly wrong.  Usually this is when employees have threatened litigation or have already issued proceedings.

However, Employment lawyers can assist in preventing such situations occurring and instead creating a healthy corporate culture where inclusiveness and the elimination of bullying, harassment and discrimination can occur.  In addition employment lawyers can help create a "speak up" culture.

The best approach to creating a good corporate culture is to assemble a multi-disciplinary team consisting of leaders, line managers, HR, compliance, Health and Safety experts and internal as well as external lawyers.  As far as possible the issue of corporate culture should be looked at holistically.

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In such a context an employment lawyer can assist in the following ways:

  • Business Advisor – help the Board and senior management team understand legal obligations, responsibilities and compliance issues
  • Audit – lawyers can capture data and identify significant trends or patterns. They can also carry out surveys or interviews.
  • Strategy – if an issue has been identified, lawyers can assist in creating an appropriate strategy to deal with the issues.
  • Implementation – lawyers will be able to assist with drafting policies or protocols, educating leaders and managers and employees through workshops, carrying out investigations if there are grievances, disciplinary issues or whistleblowing matters (with the advantage of keeping such investigations privileged, if necessary), and making recommendations for ongoing compliance.
  • Dealing with Regulators for example the Health and Safety Executive or the Financial Conduct Authority etc.
  • Litigation – lawyers are obviously trained to defend organisations from litigation and allegations of bullying harassment and discrimination etc.
  • Monitor – lawyers can continue to capture data and monitor developments and help measure whether there has been a change in culture or not over time.
  • Helplines – employment lawyers can also provide helplines for staff in order to report complaints in a safe environment thus encouraging a "speak up" culture.

Creating a healthy corporate culture requires many skills and must be constantly reviewed as the law changes or is refined.

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Ranjit Dhindsa  has over 20 years’ experience as an Employment Lawyer and is currently a member of the Field Fisher’s Executive Committee.


For further thoughts download our free tip sheet below, and do contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your organisation and change your culture for the better.

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