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Managing organisational change

 All change!

When an organisation must repeatedly change it becomes fatigued, but with training and insight for key staff it becomes easier than the traditional work harder mentality change framework that many choose to adopt.

Delivering successful change is one of the most pressing issues facing businesses today. How to win new customers, changing market dynamics, changing competition, changing product lines, new employees, and not to mention legislation!

Leaders are rarely given the insight and tools to deal with change as they are often too busy delivering on day to day objectives. Typically, 60-70% of change fails which is not only expensive but also demoralising for those involved.

We recognise that change can be difficult, however, we know that not changing can be fatal.  Change management awareness & insight  is the route to a successful  outcome.


Some leaders see change as more of a soft skill which is often left for HR or the L&D teams to manage and facilitate the organisation through. My experience suggests well rounded and respected leaders will have knowledge of and skills in change management which enables them to successfully manage change. They are the people who will see change as a healthy challenge and something an organisation should be effective at to grow and deliver on objectives, as well as being willing to pass on their skills to ensure the organisation has a broad skill base.

 So, change is here to stay, whilst some may see it as more of a softer skill for leaders, when done well, it has lasting tangible effects for a business.


Managing organisational change 

Andy 's expertise lies in effective leadership coaching, transformational change management, planning and teamwork. Andy has held senior positions in Automotive, Construction, Consulting, Mining and FM. He holds an MBA and MSc from Coventry University, is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and an Associate member of the Institute of Directors and Institute of Interim Management.


Goodfoot are recognised leaders in the delivery of change management insight and training and we are planning to run Change Management Awareness & Insight workshop here in Kenilworth, Warwickshire in the coming months. If you would like to get ahead in leading your organisation through a challenging period of change let us know  - Would you be interested in attending?

We would welcome you registering your interest here, and we can give you more info...I'm interested!

Here are some useful tips on making change work within your organisation and improve leadership and management skills, feel free share it. 


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